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  • Spotlight

    Congratulations to our KHS Teacher of the Year and KHS Support Staff Member of the Year!

    Mr. Mike Niles has been selected as the KHS Teacher of the Year. Niles has spent his entire career at KHS and is retiring at the end of this year. Thanks to Mr. Niles for the commitment and dedication to our students, community and building!

    Mrs. Erica Rose has been selected as the KHS Support Staff Member of the Year! Mrs. Rose is the Administrative Assistant in the Guidance Office at KHS and is an asset to the building and students.

    KHS Early College Academy

    Kearney School District is proud to announce the new Kearney Early College Academy beginning the 2020-21 School year.

    The part-time Kearney Early College Academy is open to all students entering their Junior or Senior year of high school who meet the qualification standards outlined below.  Students accepted for this opportunity will attend MCC – Maple Woods for half of their school day in the morning and the other half of their day at Kearney High School.  Transportation will be provided.  Students engaged in Kearney Early College Academy are still considered full-time students and are eligible for all MSHSAA sanctioned activities.

    Want to learn more?  Attend the Kearney Early College Academy Parent Information Night on February 18 at Kearney High School 6 pm – 7 pm. If you have other questions, please contact KHS Counselor Jaime Lisi at

    Student Benefits and Outcomes

    • Students will earn approximately 12 college hours/semester of enrollment at MCC - Maple Woods at NO COST to families
    • These college courses will count toward high school graduation requirements AND toward a college degree
    • These courses may be part of the CORE 42 that are transferable to any publicly-funded 4-year college or university in Missouri
    • Students can make substantial progress toward earning an Associate of Arts degree if they choose that postsecondary path
    • Transportation will be provided for students from the high school and back to the high school to complete their school day.  MCC classes that begin at 8 am and end by 11 am.

    Minimum Student Qualifications for Consideration

    All students are expected to complete a Kearney ECA application packet and complete an MCC application online. The deadline for submission of all material is March 13. Prospective students apply to the ECA during their sophomore / junior year in high school. Here are the specific expectations for admission:

    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Official student disciplinary record from school
    • Recommendations from two teachers
    • 90% Attendance Rate
    • College Readiness – Students need a qualifying ACT MCC Placement Test score that places them into college level classes at MCC. Students without an ACT score will have a chance to take a Placement test on April 1st.
      • ACT: Composite 18+, English 18+, Math 22+ OR
      • MCC Placement Test: Place into “No Reading Required”, English 101, Math 115, 119, 120, or higher.
    • Completed Essay Question
    • Completion of the MCC application for enrollment
    • Completed application and a signed agreement to abide by the expectations and responsibilities of the Kearney Early College Academy
    • Complete MCC FERPA Relea


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