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Benjamin, YGeometry
Birchfield, KWeight Training & Lifetime Fitness
Brinkley, MLifetime Fitness, Weight Training
Bundridge, JIndustrial Arts
Campbell, BCollege Spanish & Spanish 1 
Carmack, APhotography, Graphic Design & Sports/Entertainment  Marketing 
Collier, AFrench, Creative Writing, Novels
Colwell, KHuman Body Systems, Biomedical Science, Anatomry/Physiology
Crall, SherryLibrary
Dale, KEnglish 2 & Short Stories
Diefenback, CHealth
Dixon, CAP/College Psychology, American History, Contemporary Issues, Psychology
Easley, LKSD Connect Algebra 2
 College Mathematics
 Junior Algebra 2
 Sophomore Algebra 2
Fish, WTechnical & Business Communication
 Vocational & Career Reading
 English 4 – British Lit
Fries, ESpeech and Language
Gabriel, SBiology, Biomedical Interventions
Getz, SGerman 1
 German 2
 German 3
 German 4
 AP German
Gray, JAdvanced Weight Training
Haas, RResource, Consumer Math, Instructional English 3
Hahn, JMath Apps
 Algebra 2
Hale, DIntro to Ag, College Public Speaking, English 3
Hammer, MMissouri Options 
Hart, EPrinc. Of Ag Science-Animals, Sup. Ag Experience, Princ. Of Ag Science-Plants, Floriculture, Ag. Construction
Hart, JCollege Algebra, Geometry
Heil, CBand
Henshaw, SA+Please see A+ link on HS Homepage
Hill, JBusiness Law, Computer Science, Personal Finance, Web Design
Holtzclaw, SKSD Career Readiness 
Johnson, KPublications, Photojournalism
 Broadcast Journalism, Sports Broadcasting
Kelly, MAmerican History
LaFrenz, KBiology, Applied Biology, Astronomy, Botany
Leon, JEcology, MO Zoology
Long, NAmerican Government, AP US History
Mael, EAP Lang & Comp, English 3, Poetry
McDonald, JInstructional Geometry, Resource-Sophomores, Instructional English 2
McKinney, DBel Canto, Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Acapella 
Miller, BChemistry, College Chemistry
Mitchell, CEnglish 3 Apps, English 2 Apps, English 2, English 3
Monthei, KGenetics, Earth Science, Biology
Mueller, BEnglish 2, English 2 Apps 
Payne, JAlgebra 2
 AP Calculus AB
 Probability & Statistics
Puls, JEnglish 4, College Intro to Comp, College Intro to Lit
Reisig, SCareer Exploration, Resource, Work Experience
Remley, JMarketing, Travel & Tourism, Adv. Marketing, School Store
Remley, SPTLW – Engineering
Reynolds, KChild Development, Int. Design, Personal Relations, Future Teacher Internships
Salmonson, MEnglish 2, English 2 Honors
Sawall, AChemistry, Physics, AP Physics, Physical Science
Sparks, AMedical Intervention, Biology, College Biology, Honors Biology
Starzl, BSpanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, AP Spanish, Leadership
Starzl, DAlgebra 2-Sophomores, Algebra 3, Applied Geometry
Stevens, AIntro to Business, Personal Finance, Business Management
Thompson, T Culinary Arts 1 & 2, Nutrition and Wellness
Todd, EKearney Academy 
Tucking, SArt 1, Art 2, Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2
Vassmer, LLife Skills, Instructional Social Studies, Instructional English, Instructional Science, Instructional Math

Ward, NAmerican Government, AP American Government
West, JAmerican History, Sociology

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