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Teacher Websites

Teacher NameClasses/ Links
Birchfield, KWomen’s Weights & Lifetime Fitness
Brinkley, MAdv. Weights, Team Sports & Lifetime Fitness
Bundridge, JIndustrial Arts
Burgener, SBiology, PLTW Biomedical Innovations
Campbell, BSpanish 1 & College Spanish 4
Carmack, ADigital Photography 1 & 2, Graphic Design 1 & 2, & Sports & Entertainment
Cash, KChild Dev, Personal Relations, & Housing & Interior Design
Collier, AEnglish 2, Creative Writing 1 & 2, & Novels
Colwell, KBiology, Human Body Systems, Princ of Biomedical Science & Anatomy/Physiology
Crall, SLibrary
Dale,KEnglish 3 & Short Stories
Dixon, CAmerican History, College Psychology & Psychology
Easley, LAlgebra 2 & College Math
Fish, WDrama, Stagecraft, English 4, Voc Reading and Tech Writing
Fulks, CResource
Getz, SGerman 1 German 2 German 3 German 4 AP German
Haas, RResource, Inst English
Hahn, JAlgebra 2, Geometry & Math Apps
Hammer, MMissouri Options
Hart, EFloriculture, Princ of Ag Science Plants & Animals, Ag Construction & Agribusiness
Hart, JCollege Alebra, College Statistical Reasoning, Adv. Geometry, Acc Collge Alg
Heil, CMarching/Concert Band
Hill, JPersonal Finance, Comp Science Princ, Web Design & Business Law
Holtzclaw, SKSD Career Readiness
Keim, KGeometry & Algebra 2
Kelly, MAmerican History & Sociology
LaFollette, HHealth
LaFrenz, KBiology, Applied Biology, Astronomy & Botany
Leon, JBiology, Ecology & Zoology
Mael, EEnglish 4, AP Lang & Comp, AP Lit & Comp, & French
McDonald, JResource, Inst English, & Inst Geometry
McKinney, DA Capella, Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir & Bel Canto
Miller, BChemistry, College Chemisry
Minnick, LAdv. Weights
Mitchell, CEnglish 3 & English 3 Apps
Monthei, KEarth Science, Biology, & Genetics
Mueller, BEnglish 2, English 2 Apps
Payne, JTrig, AP Calc, Probability & Stats, Algebra 2
Puls, JCollege English, English 4
Reisig, SResource, Careers
Remley, JMarketing
Remley, SIntro to Eng, Civil Eng, Princ of Eng, & Eng Design
Rimmer, HBroadcast Journalism, Sports Broadcasting, Publications & Photo Journalism
Robertson, KCulinary Arts 1, 2, & 3, Nurition and Wellness
Salmonson, MEnglish 2 Honors, English 2, Crime in Lit, Career Internship, Future Teacher
Sawall, APhysics, AP Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science,
Smith, ZAm. Government
Sparks, AMedical Interventions, College Biology, Honors Biology, & Microbiology
Starzl, BSpanish 2, Spanish 3, Leadership
Starzl, DApplied Geomery, Algebra 3, Algebra 2
Stevens, APersonal Finance, Bus. Mang., & College Foundations of Business
Todd, EKearney Academy
Tolson, CGeometry, Algebra 3 & College Algebra
Tucking, SArt 1, 2, & 3; Ceramics 1 & 2
Vassmer, LLifeskills
Ward, NAm. Government, AP Am. Government, Human Performance Psychology
West, DPsychology, Am. Government, Am. History
West, JAm. History, AP Human Geography, Human Geography
Weston, ALifelong Learning, Personal Life, Current Events, Work Experience

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