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SPED Work Experience


In-District Work Based Learning; Students earn credits to learn both work skills and behaviors. Opportunities are available in district for work experience in child care, custodial, food service and transportation. A job coach works with these students providing training, instruction and daily evaluation.


Community Volunteer Work Experience; Students go out in the community two times each month to help a business or agency while learning important work skills and behaviors. Opportunities have been provided at a local thrift store and a food pantry. Students go as a group and are supervised by our special education staff.


Vocational Rehabilitation/KHS Work Cooperative Program; Students earn credits while working part time at a paid job in the community. Usually one – two periods during the day are provided for students to work.


Community Work Based Learning; Students are placed at a business in the community for a non-paid experience to learn both work skills and behaviors.  Students earn credits for participation.  Opportunities have been provided at Price Chopper and  Long’s Veterinary Services. A job coach works with these students providing instruction, training and daily evaluation.


Pre-Employment Summer Work Experience Program; Students are hired during the summer to work at the high school in custodial services to learn work skills, behaviors and gain valuable experiences. Students work 20 hours a week at minimum wage for six weeks. Included in the 20 hours is four hours of classroom instruction each week in work preparation, behaviors and soft skills. A job coach is hired from our special education program to work with these students. Funding is provided through a grant from Vocational Rehabilitation. The program is managed by Ability KC.


Pre-Employment Transition Services – University of Missouri, Education Department; A staff member comes to our school twice a month to work with students on pre-employment and career preparation activities.


Vocational Rehabilitation Services; A counselor comes to the school each month to work with students on employment services or for education and training opportunities.


Life Skills Summer Career Exploration/Work Experience Program; A one week program that provides students with both paid work experience and classroom instruction in career preparation/exploration. Students work at the Excelsior Springs Good Samaritan Center Food Pantry. Two staff members from KHS special education instruct the program. It is co-sponsored by Ability KC and MU Department of Education.


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