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Make Up Days & Last Day of School

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Dear KSD Families,

We want to provide you some information regarding school calendar changes. As of today, KSD has had six inclement weather days. The following days have been board approved and will be used to make up this time: April 13, May 22, May 26, May 27, May 28, May 29. KSD originally scheduled April 13 to be a “no school” day, but we will now be in session.  

As of today, Friday, May 29 will be our last day of school. This will be a half day. 

In the event we should have additional inclement weather, the last day of school will be reevaluated and communications will be sent with updated information. 

This does not impact graduation as it will remain on May 17. 

Thank you,
Kearney School District

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